Thursday, November 24, 2005

Signal Failure.

Arrive at Mill East station this morning a few minutes before 09:00am, as I get out of the bus notice that a train is on the platform, a train right on time I say as I cross the road.

Walk up the stairs to find a customer assistant on the signal phone, with passengers crowed around him like savengers waiting for a prey to die and then pounce.

He puts the phone down, and they pounce, 'what's going on'? The CA announces that due to signalling problems i the Finchley Central area, there is no service on the Mill Hill East or High Barnet branch! He advices us to get a bus and try to join the Edgware branch which is running okay.

I decide to take a bus to Mill Hill Broadway and take the Thameslink into the City.

Didn't bother using the underground on my way home.

£2:80 Claimed using the online Customer Charter refund form.


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