Friday, December 02, 2005

Shuttle Service etc

Northern Line Service update

Yesterday I got to Mill Hill East, to find the service board announcing a shuttle service between the station and Finchley Central, not reason was given, and today of all days when I'm using oyster pre-pay and any disruption on the Northern Line would cost be extra.

It turns out when I got to Finchley central station, that all trans are running via the Bank Branch due to signalling problems in the Stockwell area. I don't have to wait long for a train, but the train seemed to be under a speed restriction, as it was awfully Sloooooow. Arrived at work 20 minutes late.

The Journey home was uneventful, so looks like they sorted out the morning's problems.

Today was another slow journey, the trains were running on both branches from Mill Hill East, but looks like those speed restrictions are still in effect Southbound, so got to work a little late again.

Apparently there were various problems on the London Underground today, see LU Apology

My journey home saw me getting kicked off the system at Finchley Central station, as there were no trains to Mill Hill East! This was bad for me, as I had to pay an extra £1.20 on pre pay to get to Mill Hill East. I have filled in a Customer Charter refund form.

Total claimed on Customer Charter to date £4.30


Blogger Nneka's World said...

Hmm, shola, how are you preparing for your handgliding? hope its going on smoothly, well wishing you the best of luck and dont forget to post pictures.
Absolutely loved your comment on my blog, you were on FYRE!!!, hmm, its a really interesting topic to blog about and i think i must just stir up the hornets nest a lil' bit.
Anyway still real jealous of your phone, nice pics by the way

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