Monday, November 28, 2005

Revenue Protection Officer

Northern line service board

Arrived at Mill Hill East station, checked the service board, and there was no information posted, so had no idea if service was normal today.

A train arrived around 09:10AM, but did not depart till 09:20, no reason was given by the driver, he just announced train was for Kennington via Charring Cross, and that was it!

No sooner had the train moved off, than a lady announced 'Revenue protection, have your tickets ready please', I started the Dagenham shuffle, and managed to find my Oyster travel card in one of my pockets. A scan by the inspectors handheld machine produced the green light, and I was safe. Not so lucky for someone else down the carriage, her colleague came down the carriage, and he also was having words with someone else about tickets. By the time we got to Finchley Central, they got off, The Lady with her victim a man, and the male inspector with two female passengers. Apparently we still need tickets even if we are paying for a degraded service! You have been warned get a ticket before you board the northern line, or pay a £20 penalty or even be prosecuted.

The rest of the journey to work was un-eventful.

Tottenham Court Road
Nothing was written on the service board as I walked through the gates at St Pauls underground station on my way home, so was expecting a smooth ride home. The trained arrived about 5 minutes after I got to the platform, and I boarded, 2 stops later just as the train was about to leave the station the train operator announced 'once again this train will not be stopping at Tottenham Court Road, as the station is closed'. once again? This is the first time you are making the announcement, and its the first time I'm hearing it. Looks like the Central Line had made its first guest appearance on my blog. I stay on the train to Bond Street station where I hear that the closure was due to faulty station equipment?

I change to the Jubilee Line, get of at West Hampstead station where I catch the Thameslink to Mill Hill Broadway, what a smooth journey it turned out to be!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Smooth Day

For me, as I didn't suffer any delays on the northern line. The TFL website did report problems on some parts of the line though.

My 09:10am train from Mill East departed on time, but I noticed at Euston, that it was running via the Bank branch rather than the Charing Cross branch. This is not a problem for me, as I usually get off at Morgate station when this happens and just walk about 10 minutes to get to the office.

The return journey saw me taking my normal route, joining the London Underground network at St. Pauls for the Central Line and then changing at Tottenham Court Road for the Northern Line.

On the Northern Line I encountered a passenger who had found a new use of the overhead hand rails on the carriage, see photo below.

Northern line carriage

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Signal Failure.

Arrive at Mill East station this morning a few minutes before 09:00am, as I get out of the bus notice that a train is on the platform, a train right on time I say as I cross the road.

Walk up the stairs to find a customer assistant on the signal phone, with passengers crowed around him like savengers waiting for a prey to die and then pounce.

He puts the phone down, and they pounce, 'what's going on'? The CA announces that due to signalling problems i the Finchley Central area, there is no service on the Mill Hill East or High Barnet branch! He advices us to get a bus and try to join the Edgware branch which is running okay.

I decide to take a bus to Mill Hill Broadway and take the Thameslink into the City.

Didn't bother using the underground on my way home.

£2:80 Claimed using the online Customer Charter refund form.

End of the Line.

But the beginning of a blog for me.

I'm fed up with the delays on this line, I've decided to create a blog dedicated to the Northern Line or the line of misery as it is commonly known.

I will try to update daily, but will definately post when I DO get delayed on the line.

If you are regular user of the Northern Line, and would like to share your experiences with readers of this blog, then please send me an email

A Northern Line train waits to depart from Mill Hill East station

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Northern Line Passenger

My name is Shola Ogunlokun, and I work in the City of London. My daily commute sees me travelling from Mill Hill East station (Northern Line) to St. Pauls station (Central Line).

I do have the option of also using the Thameslink from Mill Hill Broadway, but it is more convenient for me to use the tube (London Underground system), so this is what I use most of the time, hence my journeys on the Northern Line.

If you have a story you would like to share, then please email me

I would particularly like to hear from London Underground staff (Drivers or Station Staff) who work on the Northern Line to hear their views on the line and the passengers that use it. I started this Blog as I couldn't find any dedicated to this beloved line of ours, so if you know of a Northern Line blog, please let me know.